’s 1st post – setting the scene 

G’day all,


We’ve been using Posterous for archiving busniess e-mail for awhile now.  So when we recently got a humorous e-mail that we had previously seen, we said – How can we keep these, share them and hopefully prevent them appearin in our (and other’s) e-mail box multiple times.


The answer – Posterous.  But we couldn’t mix business and pleasure.  (Not fair to our business associates!)  So we looked and sure enough we can have a seperate Posterous “blog” from our business one.


So here it is.


However in keeping with Australian privacy policies, you will need to EXPLICITYLLY OPT IN to any e-mail list we may set up.  In other words, you have to send us an e-mail indicating you DO want to be on this list.  Without that e-mail making that request, coming from the e-mail address to be added to the distribution list (i.e. you can’t subscribe someone else) you won’t be getting the e-mails.


Thanks in advance to all who have or will contribute.  We of course will not post anything offensive or really rude (and we are the judge of this rule – however we will accept input from anyone looking at this collection – just send us e-mail.).


Remember, we aim to remember – humour, thought provoking and amazing!


Warmest regards,

Larry & Colleen

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