How Perth used to look like

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From: Raymond
Date: 6 October 2009 at 20:52
Subject: How Perth used to look like

Great photos!

Entry to Kings Park mid 1960’s

Narrows construction late 1950’s

Boans Morley opening – this burnt down in the 80;s If I recall – on the site where the underground carpark of the Galleria now sits.

Reclaiming the foreshore

St Georges TCE in the 60’s

1. View of St Georges Terrace from the Pensioner Barracks (now the Barracks Arch) in 1863.

2. Collegiate School in 1868, ten years after it’s founding. This school has since moved and is now known as Hale School , also making it WA’s oldest school. The building survives today as Cloisters Square on St Georges Terrace.

3. Mounts Bay Road including an early Swan Brewery

4. Canning Bridge before it was replaced.

5. The corner of William Street and St Georges Terrace in the early 1900s

6. View from Kings Park in the late 1920s.

7. Perth from Kings Park in 1948.

8. Opening of the Narrows Bridge on 13th November 1959. Kings Park is in the background.