3rd Grade Drop out – Short Motivational Speech

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From: Ken W
Date: 14 October 2017 at 03:19
Subject: Fwd: 3rd Grade Drop out – Short Motivational Speech

Do not miss watching this video.

This is absolutely inspiring and it may bring a tear to your eye.

This was so good, I wanted to pass it along. For some of you, good to
share with your kids and grandkids. This guy is a great motivational
speaker. His name is Dr. Rick Rigsby, and he spoke at the Cal
Maritime Commencement Ceremony this past 2017. I believe he taught at
Texas A&M for 20 years and was their football team’s preacher. Now I
think he is just a motivational speaker that travels all around the
country giving short motivational talks for various universities and
groups. The speech below is called "3rd Grade Dropout" it appears to
be something that he may have put together through his "Making an
Impact" organization, since it has photos of his childhood and family
in it. I am sure that if you put his name into the YouTube.com search
box, you will actually see the original speech, where the president of
the university introduces him. I won’t ruin it for you by telling you
any more, and just let you watch it. Try the YouTube search first
and if that does not work See the Link below. If it doesn’t work by
clicking on it, just cut and paste the address into your browser.

Rick Rigsby – 3rd Grade Dropout.