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old photos

William Harley and Arthur Davidson unveiled their motorbikes for the first time, 1914.

Rush hour in Chicago , 1909

People queued for Al Capone’s free coffee in Chicago , 1931.

Steven Spielberg gave the world "Bruce", the prop that was used to make "Jaws" in 1975.

The President shows Pele his skills with a ball, Gerald R. Ford and Pelé, 1975.

Gorgeous picture of the Earth, 1968.

People at Woodstock , 1969.

You could get a Big Mac for 65 cents, 1970’s.

You got normal food and a full meal on flights, 1958.

Remote controls were cutting-edge technology, 1962.

Legends passed on their legacies, Bruce Lee playing with his son Brandon, 1966.

The Golden Gate Bridge was still under construction and looked like this, 1937.

Oranges were sold for just one cent, 1942.

The Hollywood sign was still the ‘Hollywoodland’ sign. The last four letters were removed in 1949.

This was the tallest building in Paris , the Eiffel Tower under construction in the 1880’s.

NYC was a much less busy city, 1908.

Charging your electric car looked like this, 1905. (the Priuis?)

Roller skates were the hot new thing but still needed a bit of work, 1910.

"I am the first pig to fly," 1909 (see pig in lower right of picture).

Beach Police Officers made sure no swimsuit was higher than 6 inches above the knee, 1922.

King Tut’s slumber was undisturbed and the seal to his tomb was unbroken, 1922.

The iconic London buses looked like this, 1928.

A new vantage point was introduced to New York on the opening day of the Empire State Building , 1931.