Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs

This is a good, albeit black and white [no pun intended] view on a range of topics. For those outside the USA it might help allow better understanding of the terms used for Democrats and Republicans. While written for the US "eye" it could most likely portray the generic (i.e. again black & white) views of Labor & Liberal parties in Australia. We make no editorial other than it is really unlikely that every person will agree with everything on one side or the other. Hence the "stand off" in traditional political party democracies which can fall too easily on a 50-50 split and leave the balance of power in a country in the hands of a few "independents" or minor parties.

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From: Ralph & BA
Date: 29 June 2015 at 11:24
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I found this to be a quick summary of positions. Helps to clarify my thinking. BA

THIS IS GREAT….–L6k.mailto
I saw this on a website and thought it was a interesting breakdown of differences between two schools of thought, you can decide for yourself of where you fit in, for me it is difficult because I have thoughts on both sides of the issues.