Sydney Opera House – like you have never seen it (unless you come to Vivid each year)

The Sydney Opera House (SOH) is an icon most people have seen either in a picture or if you live or visit Australia seen live. But each year in May / June for the last several years, there has been a absolutely and amazing light show projected on the SOH. Now when you see this video you will think it is some kind of video trick or overlay. But we visit each year and we can assure you the projections on the shell are EXACTLY as shown in the video.

Now the video starts with some historical voice over. The speakers are those who spoke when this icon was agreed to be built, announced, etc. The music gets a bit weird in the middle but just after the 9 minute mark is is symphonic. So bear with it and enjoy the really spectacular light show on a world iconic screen,

2014JL09 13:15 Sydney Australia