Koalas – Something nice for a change!

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From: Ralph & BA
Date: 31 May 2014 23:45
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Koalas – Something nice for a change!

It is not common for a Koala to bear twins .. . .And regrettably in this instance the Mum was struck and killed by a passing car.
Fortunately, the driver stopped and took the mother to the local vet, not knowing she was dead . .. …
The vet discovered the dead Koala had twins in her pouch.
The first photo is of one of the tiny koalas being fed with a syringe… Sooo tiny!
Followed by a pictorial chronology of their growth…

Thanks for saving my life!

Its so nice to see a story that has a happy ending in these troubled times that we live in.

Taking care of others is a great way to forget about our own problems and difficulties